We have stairs!

We have stairs!

And what stairs they are! These can only be described as a work of art – they are almost Cathedral like! – we LOVE EM!!


The great thing is we can now get up there and have a good ole gander at the work in progress.. Its a lot bigger than we had imagined, and I don’t mind admitting a bit daunting, we need to start thinking about the carpets, bathroom suite, blinds, radiators etc, its a big space!

Joe is already getting excited about the thought of having our ‘old’ master bedroom and Ezzie will move into his – that leaves 2 rooms – one for my office and one for a guest bedroom when Zeren is old enough to move in with Joe! – so a lot of decorating to come!




Anyone know any good radiator shop links?

The windows are in!

The walls are in!

The walls are in!

This has been the messy bit – dust levels are high now. but the whole thing is taking shape – hopefully the Sliding doors will be in soon – its getting a bit drafty!


plastered walls and delivery of the sliding doors