We have stairs!

And what stairs they are! These can only be described as a work of art – they are almost Cathedral like! – we LOVE EM!!


The great thing is we can now get up there and have a good ole gander at the work in progress.. Its a lot bigger than we had imagined, and I don’t mind admitting a bit daunting, we need to start thinking about the carpets, bathroom suite, blinds, radiators etc, its a big space!

Joe is already getting excited about the thought of having our ‘old’ master bedroom and Ezzie will move into his – that leaves 2 rooms – one for my office and one for a guest bedroom when Zeren is old enough to move in with Joe! – so a lot of decorating to come!




Anyone know any good radiator shop links?

People in the attic!

The loft day 2:

Woke up this morning to find the builders are already in the roof!
Can’t believe how fast this is happening, in just 1 day there is a massive gaping hole in the front roof of the house and the back roof is gone! Already a skip is full and the rear chimney is gone,
As I was leaving for work a crane arrived to lift the new floor and the steel girders which support the new structure! The plumbers were already in fixing the new combi and the tea was flowing fast and furious – all coupled with the usual madness of getting the kids ready for school…

oh and its raining!



The loft

8 or so years ago, we (thats ‘Beally’ my best mate and Old Pete his ‘young’ assistant of 70+) created a space in our 120 year old 4 bed house so i could have ‘a den’, and a ‘at home office’ whatever – a space to put all my geezer stuff – you know the score. Well that was before 3 kids later! – we now have decided to move into the space and make it our bedroom leaving the kids, 3 the rooms ‘downstairs’ and one for my den.

We finally managed to clear the space, ready for the loft conversion due to start tomorrow – i dont know if you have actually measured your physical fitness lately but you should try moving over 1000 books and their shelves down 2 flights of stairs, and then stacking them in crates, plus 000’s of cd’s and vinyls all of which Mandy (wife) thinks no-one has ever heard of (see ‘unpeeled’ and ‘club hemipshere’ links to see what she means) – so why are we keeping them? the dining room is full – the cellar is full – all slots behind beds, microwaves, sheds, and hat stands are full – we’ve even sadly had to had to put my scalextric in Joes room- so thats really not mine any more! boo!

here are some pix of the space before the builder blokes get in…