Loddons Hoppit

Had a rare moment of bliss yesterday as all kids were with grandmas and aunties and uncles – We crept out to Crispins in Wokingham for a cheeky pint and a Cheese roll ( It was lush believe me!)

I found out that they have an ongoing ‘beer festival’ (come on beally and peter Hards – you will love this), Firstly i was amazed at the bizarre image that represents CAMRA (campaign for real ale):


Which my guys at fresh would be proud of! – Then the lovely ale called Loddons Hoppit:


Well worth a try http://www.loddonbrewery.com/


car service, not!

Took our chrysler voyager for a service yesterday.

Yeah yeah so what?
The big logistic trip begins, getting mate ‘the Crookster’ to follow me down there so i could get a lift back (mandys hand is still in a cast so she cant drive) then a second chaffeur trip to get it back.

So on completion the smug service man, bob, i think his name was, told me it was £364 ex VAT, guess I was not too surprised there as its a dealership etc, but on closer inspection i noticed the rear tyre was a bit flat, now call me a sceptic, but a full service includes checking the tyres? he mumbled something lame and took the car off. It arrived back err – pumped up. Not feeling too convinced by this I started to dig a bit deeper, it didnt end there, the service sheet also suggested the wheels had all been removed and brakes checked – now my car is dirty, really minging, so unless the guy has no finger prints or some way of teleporting the wheels off, they are all still caked in mud – there is no way those brakes have beeen checked.

I paid £54 for a pollen filter! and £55.20 for oil and £14 for an aledged split windscreen wiper, i started to wonder how do i really know if they’ve changed these? i mean the car was there for no longer than 90 minutes anyhow – so justifying the amount of labour (£207) is a stretch. Then when getting into the car the trip computer had not been reset and still claimed it needed a service. mmm all very suspicious.

Ive asked for the manager to call me (as he wasnt there – says a lot in itself) on Monday – he is called Nigel (again not sure as bob just mumbled)

Maybe im being paranoid and I dont expect ‘Nigel’ to tell me any different – how would he know? he wasnt there?

I guess the moral of this is – Chrysler at Twyford, Knowl Hill: if you are going to rip of your customers, at least clean the car and check the tyres – that way you will have covered up your tracks – and at least made the customer feel that he has a special valet for £364.