Ive been decked!

after much backache and headache and about 5lbs! in lard – i present you with the new decking! – i think the hardest part genuinely was clearing the ground before hand, removing a huge rhododendron was the physical highlight! – The deck measure 3600 4600mm so not a small project! The way I decided to do this ( a combination of interviews with experts beally, billy and rob!) was dig out 12 post holes about 1 foot deep and approx 1 m apart. Concrete in some 4×4 posts with that east postcrete ( just add water – it sets solid in about 30 mins – genius stuff) Then screw 2×4 pretreated beams across the whole, to form a grid like lattice. Making sure it was all very rigid and stable do not scrimp on wood here! – with out this base it would be all bouncy and and shonky.

I bought the wood from wickes and transported them home in our 7 seater without too much grief, but as i wanted the deck planks to be all one length i needed to order online the larger pieces , (http://www.buydeckingdirect.co.uk was the best place i found at £170 for 20 planks 3600 x 150 – 40 needed in all)

The deck fitted a treat. and once stained looks great! ( managed to have enough stain left over to put some life into our old furniture so the whole thing matched.) I need a couple more planks to finish off closing the sides and back to stop the kids crawling underneath, then its all ready for the party! i think the whole project cost about £700 in materials and was complete over 3 weekends.


For Joes birthday party we headed off to Cardiff Millenium Stadium for the Monster Truck Jam where we met the likes of The Gravedigger, Backwards Bob, The Slingshot, Medusa, The Batman, Donkey Kong, Maximum Destruction and The Swamp Thing top name a few!! …petrol heads everywhere!! – awesome stuff…