Well Done Jean!

Darren and I went to see Jean Michel Jarre perform the first ever live performance of the legendary Oxygene on Sunday night at The Royal Albert Hall – As he used all the original instruments from the 1976 production – all analogue – not a digital machine in sight just check this stage set out….- up front and raw – no crappy lasers just the whole album as it should be heard but live – he gave a massive sign of relief when it was over! well done JMJ – awesome


Easter Monday Bunny Impressions

Arrived at chez kurt’s for delightful curry challenge. Prawns seem to be the favourite of the day with the lentils coming in at a close second. All-in-all, a bon temps meal! Photo suggests that Julie and Kemal are both not happy with the exhaust fumes from Bruv, however, it seems that in the spirit of Easter they are actually looking more like rabbits. Can some one please explain to us non Christian conformers- the connection to the crucifiction and chocolate eggs!

A note about house buying

Just in case you are reading this Mr and Mrs Bingham – house buying is about commitment. Well done in admitting you have no spine and I really hope your cold feet get well soon, oh! and good luck in finding your next house lets hope you wont dick the next poor suckers about too.

btw: I did notice with much enjoyment that the Estate Agents Douglas Allen have politely asked you to go away and find some other way of wasting time too – I dare say that wont be too difficult for you.