The lawn will recover

For my 42nd birthday my lovely wife planned a garden party. It started off as a small group that somehow escalated to over 30 before we all ended somewhere around 4.30 – wow – thats n ot bad for an old geezer eh? I even managed to inflict much of my indie pain on my guests!

I think my lawn hates me


Some found our photobooth app on our kitchen mac and here are some of the frightening results!!







The edge of our land!

Best thing about being on an island is you can get to the edge! – this is Llangrandog in West Wales near where my folks live – great sunny day (must have been the only place in the UK!)


Suberb location for rock skimming and of course digging and building rock bridges…

also the best ice cream shop in the world ever….


i went for the lemon cheesecake flavour, Joe had the mint choc chip, ezzy obviously went for double choc and Mandy and zeren had choc with hazlenuts… all we can say is LUSH




New Tipples…


Im always up for trying new stuff – I came across these in our local Waitrose – intriguing design influenced my purchase (surprising that eh?).

1) Fraoch – Really old recipe from Scotland – it has a Heather fragrance – yes you read correct – its quite floral without being sickly like some rubbish fruit beers. This one is a pale ale and has a good sharp taste with a decent 5% to give it an edge – quite a lot of barley overtones but a good Sunday afternoon scoop.

2) Black Fox cider – not exactly for the faint hearted as it has a stonking 7.5% boot on it, very very tasty though – sharp and refreshing without tasting too strong – careful how quick you drink this one!