Happy 40th Bruv!

So its happened – the young Ozficici has been around the sun 40 times! – an amazing event organised by Julie wife – where over 50 guests turned up for a surprise party at the majestic and absolutely stunning Eynsham Hall, near Brize Norton. No surprise there then for most of us as this was where they got married, that was actually the first sting! The date of the party was cunningly planned to coincide with their wedding anniversary, so that he could be pitched with a quiet dinner for two at Eynsham to celebrate.

The second smoke screen was the bogus birthday invite that everyone was encouraged to rsvp, disguised as a BBQ for next weekend! incredibly this was arranged by Kemal!

Lucky for us Grandma had agreed to stay over and look after the kids so we got a well deserved night away! – the Graces kindy donned the cap and gloves and elected to drive, so along with Nicola we all trooped off to Eynsham. We arrived about 3 ish and once checked in, the obligatory visit to the bar for aperitifs was in order.

The party was booked to start around 7.30 so 1/2 hour before we all gathered in the Oak room and waited for them to arrive.

We lifted the roof when he entered! Kemal was utterly dumbfounded and had no idea …. i mean really no idea!
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The party was just great – it started with a great meal, fine wine – followed by lots of dancing as you would expect! Music came from a band called ‘breeze’ banging out favs from the 60’s and 70’s .

To cap it all Julie presented him with a huge cheeseboard with candles (instead of a cake!!) and 2 tickets to istanbul! – lucky geezer!

Happy Birthday Kemal!

Happy birthday Josh…

What a well organised birthday. Well done Mary and Neal they chose the right location to have a BBQ and bouncy castle; Chigwell Police Club – fine setting and surprisingly fine weather.

The unveiling of the birthay cake – a glorious football pitch of green icing and enumbers – love it!! …


Auntie Becks brought her own refreshments – a fine move!


The banquet begins!


Straight after the cake – back to the bouncy castle – im aware of no mishaps!


Thanks for a great day!

Turkish lemonade


Since Joe has found Lemonade…I found this stuff that i enjoyed when I was a kid in Turkey – its exactly the same – i even think the design of the bottle is the same, amazing how small things bring back real strong memories – This for me is Erdek, (a small peninsula in the marmara sea near Istanbul, in the Summer with Mum and Dad – me and Kemal just playing on the beach all day, Sucuk for breakfast with eggs, Kofte for lunch, mosquitos, diving of the jetty, A worn out tapes of The Clash, Suzy Quatro and Mudd!

Enjoy it Joe!