Mr Treehead


Right at the bottom of our garden lives Mr Treehead – he watches over us every evening and makes sure no-one gets into Ezzzies wendy shed and daddy beer fridge – this was a particularly flattering shot of him with the sun just glinting off his beady eyes.

And then we found the beach!

This is New Quay about 3 miles from the parentals new home in West Wales – a lovely unspoilt spot that has a real claim to be one of the top 20 cleanest beaches in the UK.

Useful also that there is a pound store right next to the car park that sells beach equipment just for Londoners that are not prepared for digging and bucketing sand.




Driving me round the bend…

We stumbled upon a Go-Kart Track near the parentals new house… we decided to treat Joe as it was coming up to his 7th birthday to a crash course in driving. You could not measure the excitement!!

Problem – there was a height restriction that meant he couldnt drive his own car – which we weren’t too concerned by as the Karts turned out to be serious race machines with speed limits capable of 35 mph+, but to avoid massive disappointment the owner suggested a 2 seater kart with a pretend steering wheel that had a limiter on the speed (boo!!) that we could drive together. So we parted with our £20 for 30 minutes and we agreed that we would share the Kart with Ezara half way down the time. Grandpa Tahla joined in to try and whoop our ass – which proved interesting!!







A week off!

We spent a very needed week away at my parentals to finish the childrens Easter break. A big drive and a costly fuel bill was rewarded with a remarkable sunny and warm Welsh afternoon coupled with an equally warm greeting of mums hugs and home cooked food. Mum and Tahla ‘monsieur step father’ have recently moved from the bleak and moody, slate coloured ffestiniog to happy and moody leafy coloured Llanfor near New Quay, West Wales. This move is a fine one for my folks, the place is beautiful – nice big garden, a quirky 18th century 4 bed cottage with bundles of heritage and character. They are happer than I can remember.

A good time had by all!









Not even 5 years young and the stabilisers have come off her bike! Can you remember or appreciate the feeling of freedom this brings? (those of you who can’t and actually haven’t learnt to ride a bike shame on you!) what about the speed?….its the next best thing to the mega slide at kids corner only its on tap!

heres a congratulatory hug from Z


Next step- ‘gears’ thats Joe’s target!