we are not worthy!


This is where a friday afternoon random thought takes over,

…Could the Mcvities milk chocolate with “caramel’ biscuit be the best compliment to a nice afternoon cuppa in the world ever?

I challenge anyone to come up with a more wonderful yet wholesome alternative!

Nice to get to know you!

I recently went to the Luminere club in Kilburn to see “Thunderbirds are now!”, a great new band and good night had by all. Interesting that they must have a nattering problem with the crowd on most nights, it would seem, by this sign.

No idea how you can talk while a band is on… it was so loud my eyes and ears were bleeding after!


The Hilly Park!


Just a short 10minute walk from our house are the fabulous wanstead flats, a real treat on our doorstep. It is a vast expanse of open land punctuated by lakes, streams, woody bits and best of all muddy tracks and hills, its a great place for us to let our hair down. As mum was out at Emma’s leaving do – (leaving to start a new life in Portugal) and the sun was out at last – we would go and get us some fresh air…



Even wearing a cool hoody its time for a first ice cream of the year!






“A hot chilli oil mix with a unique and distictive flavour. The label says Very Hot and it does what it says on the label…

Fresh Naga Morrich with only salt, vinegar, oil and spices make for a very hot sauce or dip.”

…Yep thats how its described , we discovered this stuff via Vaugn Green our neighbour… its lovely stuff – hot as f but really tasty… great mixed in with chicken or beef stir-frys, “a taste all of its own” as grandma would say!
>buy it here
>click here for more on the madness of naga chillies 

Teeth cost a quid!

Joe lost his 4th milk tooth yesterday – now thats a big deal for a 6 1/2 year old, specially since it was the nasher right at the front , one of the goofers! This makes eating apples too difficult to eat, but not chocolate, that seems to ease and heal bizarrely. Seriously though, it’s a dreadful culmination of 4 weeks of wriggling and fiddling with irritating yet strangely quite nice itchy pain – don’t you remember it?. However, the real deal is of course the ‘prospect’ of getting cash from the good old fairies that take the tooth (by the way, where do they take them?) The current going rate im told is £1, so thats not a bad return I spose, especially when you think the average fairy probably struggled with the weight of the old sixpence….

….If only dozy Dad remembered to actually put the money under the pillow! Turn away now if you still believe in the fairy stuff…. Joe was mortified when he woke up and shouted at me ” They gave me nothing and didnt take my tooth!” I was gutted as any dad would be, and immediately created a deflection, I blamed our baby Zeren for scaring them away as he was crying because he is errr growing teeth…! Don’t worry they’ll try again tomorrow night im sure! wont they MUMMY?

As I sit here writing this I must remember…..

We have stairs!

And what stairs they are! These can only be described as a work of art – they are almost Cathedral like! – we LOVE EM!!


The great thing is we can now get up there and have a good ole gander at the work in progress.. Its a lot bigger than we had imagined, and I don’t mind admitting a bit daunting, we need to start thinking about the carpets, bathroom suite, blinds, radiators etc, its a big space!

Joe is already getting excited about the thought of having our ‘old’ master bedroom and Ezzie will move into his – that leaves 2 rooms – one for my office and one for a guest bedroom when Zeren is old enough to move in with Joe! – so a lot of decorating to come!




Anyone know any good radiator shop links?